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⋆ Summer Glossyboxes ⋆

Another health & beauty post, I’m not sure what is going on but I’m scared. O_O These are from July, August and September, so two were from when I was away! Click for bigger images because my columns are small. .__.

✩ July Glossybox ✩

✩ August Glossybox ✩

✩ September Glossybox ✩

I’m not gonna review anything properly, so just gonna pick out the things I would personally use  (or have used sorta).


⋆ Bex London: Londoner Urban Fragrance: This is meant to be an androgynous, unisex fragrance with 4 smells. ?__? I’m as confused as you are. It doesn’t smell that nice, it’s more manly and can’t imagine anyone wearing it. This retails at a whopping £81 per 100ml. No thanks.

⋆ Paul Mitchell: Awapuhi Moisture Mist: This is just a light spray for your hair and skin. I used this on my hair today but it didn’t do too much. It’s not like dry shampoo hair sprays – or nearly as effective. I guess it was okay for the skin. More for on-the-go users, I suppose. This retails at £9.25. I wouldn’t purchase it personally. I’d rather moisturise my skin at home and use dry shampoo for those bad hair days. A lot cheaper too!

⋆ Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics: Lip Frosting: This is the little tube thing that is meant to be a cream lip gloss that is pink. You can put it on your cheeks apparently too. ?__? Personally, I didn’t like the fact that it came out of the tube because it can come out clumpy. And I find it a little weird to put the same thing on your lips as on your cheeks. It does have a really nice fragrance, of something sweet. Like jelly, or candy floss. This retails at £10 for that tube which I find is expensive. It can go a bit everywhere too.

⋆ Monu: Eye Cool Gel: This is for dark circles under eyes, mainly. I used this on one eye (so I could test another one I got in a later box). After a few minutes, it does actually work quite a bit. I thought it might be a psychological thing. But it does actually look better. It comes out as a clear gel and you use a tiny amount. However, it retails at £16.95, I assume it would last you a while. I might buy it but it wouldn’t be at the top of my list.

Things I haven’t tried:

✩ Nuxe: Huile Prodigieuse: A dry oil to put on your face, body and hair. £17.50 for the bottle.

✩ Elizabeth Arden: Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion, SPF 15: For combination skin. £32/50ml. Youch. You’d better hope it’s a visible difference.


⋆ All for Eve: Eve’s Balm: For chapped lips. The balm is a pale yellow/cream colour. When you open it up, there is a compact mirror too which is cool! However, it does have an old woman, musky smell. £4.95, guess it isn’t too bad with a mirror. But not for me, not with that smell.

Things I haven’t tried:

✩ Alessandro: Pro White: It’s just meant to brighten up your nails (it’s clear) with an anti-yellowing formula. £7.85 for the bottle. I wouldn’t use it, it’s just not for me. A bit expensive too. I don’t like the packaging either, it looks like some DIY product!

✩ DHC: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil: This sounds really interesting, I wanna try this actually. You put this oil on your skin (dry) and it takes off make-up, then you splash water on your face. How weird is that? Apparently better than any other make-up remover. Retails at £18.50 for a full sized bottle at 200ml (so it’s bigger than the one shown). Sounds interesting.

✩ Lipcote: Lipcote: This is to put over lipstick to make it long-lasting and non-smudgy. It has a powerful smell like nail varnish though so I would wanna try it but the smell puts me off. £3.99.

✩ Glossybox: Glossy Pink Lipstick: This is a nice colour, I do wanna try this but haven’t yet done so. £9.50, ouch. Let’s hope I either don’t like it or it lasts a long time.

✩ Vera Valenti: L’ombre à Paupière Margarita: This is the eyeshadow palette. You get a free brush with lots of shades and I’d probably use the colours. Maybe not the green though, that seemed quite random. £3.85 for this is cheap so I’m skeptical.


I just got this today… I love the new box design!
⋆ Lady Gaga: Fame Fragrance: Lady Gaga’s new spray! It smells pretty good, very um… black. Haha! I don’t know how to describe it. But if it was a colour, it is definitely a dark violet. Real nice, not something I’d use personally, but I can see this getting very popular. £25/30ml, £32/50ml, £61/100ml. Not bad prices for a Lady Gaga product.

⋆ Balance Me: Wonder Eye Cream: For dark circles and stuff. I tried this on my other eye. It comes out as a cream, not as a gel. It works too! They’re both really good. However, a little too much can come out of the tube. I found that the gel worked better for me, but only slightly. They’re both very good. £20 for 15ml. The one shown in 7ml. So this is more expensive.

⋆ L’Oreal Professional: Tecni Art Full Volume Extra Mousse: I’ve never used mousse before but I try this as I need that volume, especially when I got my hair cut recently. The smell is okay, the foam fizzes as well, kinda weird. But works well. £10.30 / 250ml. The sample is 50ml.

⋆ Body Shop: Vitamin E Moisture Cream: Surprised to see some Body Shop products here. It’s a pink cream, kinda nice actually. Nice fragrance. At £9 /50ml, it isn’t too bad, but I’d probably stick with my normal moisturiser.

Things I haven’t tried:

✩ Rodial: Glamoxy Snake Serum and 5 Minute Facial: 2 samples of each. The snake serum is meant to have instantly visible results, reducing wrinkles. The snake serum is £29 / 10x1ml and the 5 minute facials are £10.95 / 10x1ml. ?__? That’s expensive. Maybe I should try it…


And that’s everything!

I got some bio-oil lately too, to help with scars. Not so much with stretch marks. I have some (not many at all) but I think they’re kinda cute. Is that odd? I only noticed them last year. I put a tiny amount of bio oil on my skin and it comes out quite oily so even though it says to do it twice daily, I mainly do it the evening or at night, so the oily skin doesn’t bother me too much. You can get it from any drugstore really. It can range from £10-£20 but lasts a while. People swear by it. But we’ll see!

Contact lenses wise, these are going well! I’m still using my ‘free trial’ contact lenses. I bought my 3 months worth from my optician’s. With the health checks, solution and lenses, it’s £12.50 a month. The solution I’m using is called Synergi, and you can only get it by your optician’s. So yeah, I’m never buying any online ones anymore, apart from circle lenses. Though unless it’s for cosplay, I’m not gonna use them either. I’m not sure which lenses they are either, but guess I’ll update once I get them!

Make-up wise, I bought this foundation a while ago, and I was dumb and got a shade way too dark because someone said that is the right shade. Anyway, I got it, wore it out and felt so orange! It’s shade #56 from the Bourjois Flower Perfection range. Pretty high up, but my last one was #53 from the Bourjois Bio Detox Organic range which was a little too light. The Flower Protection range lasts a while, as a bottle and on your face, and comes with a sponge thing which I don’t use (I use my fingertips). The cap does come off too easily which is my main concern. The last thing you want is foundation cream all over your bag. Thankfully, that hasn’t happened yet. Anyway, I was gonna resell the foundation since I had only used it once, but thought I’d give it a go after my holiday. And I was surprised, I didn’t think I tanned on my face at all (I barely tanned in Africa, can you believe it?), however this foundation shade is now perfect. Maybe next time I will get a #55 though! Bourjois foundation cream can be fairly expensive, usually £10 or over, but I don’t use it that much, maybe once a week? And for me, once I trust a brand, I trust a brand. I’ll be loyal to them basically. So lesson learnt: don’t always throw out your foundation.

Thanks for reading / skim-reading!

Plucking Hairs and Poking Eyes

It’s been a while and I’ve attempted to blog about Tanzania but it got way too long-winded. And I’m not a person that likes to cut things down. I’m still debating whether I should do a vlog or not. I know it’s real silly and I’m not sure if I’m hard-hearted to take people laughing at me! Ech, I am a strange person. A lot of the time I have the heart to do whatever, be brave and not give a crap what others think. And then there are the times where I fear everyone’s thoughts of me, whether I’m too boring or too stupid.

Anyways, this is one of those rare health & beauty posts.

So, I got bored today and done something I’ve never done: plucking eyebrows. I have the fortunate gene where I don’t grow much hair on my body, besides the hair on my head (which grows very vastly and quickly!). My sister says she didn’t get this gene and that her and my mum grow hair really quickly, though I still don’t really believe her. I just think she’s being paranoid about her hairs. Anyway, so at the age of 22, I’ve never done it because my eyebrows don’t grow very fast really. I wasn’t really clued up on how I was going to ‘shape’ them because it wasn’t even thick enough to have a ‘bolder’ part to the eyebrow. Think it might be the last time I do that. Unless the hairs suddenly get out of control. The hairs that were closer to the eyelid were a bit painful!

Contact lenses – about 2 months ago, I made a post talking about some Surevue contact lenses I bought for cheap.

I thought it would be more or less the same as how you look after circle lenses but I was so wrong. For circle lenses, I was just using your normal drugstore all-in-one saline solution. Which was fine, there were no problems with proteins spots or anything like that (I’ll explain them later). So I tried these Surevue ones as I wanted to keep my natural eye colour, even if I had to pay monthly. It was all good at first. Felt clear, they were a lot thinner and lighter than circle lenses, and I didn’t look like I was high. Just what I needed for all those holiday pics!

Then the problems started. After a few days, I’d have these white spots appear on the lenses when I take them out. I’d rub more of the solution to try and make it go away but they are stuck on the lens. I googled what the heck these were, and found out they were protein spots, from too much protein in the eye. I ended up tearing some from rubbing the solution too hard. The protein spots you can ignore however, they do become uncomfortable. You start to feel the contact lens in your eye. So I just ended up throwing them away when they got to that stage. So my 3 months worth of lenses? Lasted me barely a month. This wasn’t the worst problem though. The worst problem was the cause of, well, myself!

I like wearing contact lenses. Glasses look alright. But it does not compare to contact lenses. I didn’t even mind putting them on every morning. There are too many photos of me where it looks horrid just because I’m wearing glasses! Anyways, so I insisted on wearing my last pair of contact lenses to the death. Then I started to get a lot of sleep in my eye – when I wasn’t sleeping! Wide awake! So I was constantly flicking it out, ended up scratching near my cornea. Youch. Meanwhile this lens was incredibly uncomfortable. This was just the right eye though. The left eye didn’t really have protein spots in it, oddly.

Anyway, I came back from Tanzania, still insisting on wearing these lenses. I went to Luke’s house, with no intention of staying over, but I did so anyway, and did the number 1 taboo – slept with the lenses in (because I had nowhere to put them). I woke up and found it difficult to even open my right eye, so had to force it open. There was an insane amount of sleep in my eye. And then my eyes were incredibly red. Like, scarily red. After a bit of research, I knew I had acute bacterial conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye. Got some eyedrops from behind the counter at a chemist (they were laughing at me when I went “I… I think I have conjunctivitis!”). Boots and Superdrug’s didn’t have them, jsyk. Anyway, you have to take them super regularly. Every 2 hours for the first 2 days and then every 4 hours for the remaining 3 days, so easy to forget though. Glad I wasn’t working or anything, how awkward would that be? Even when I was out, I’d go to the toilet and sit on the seat just to put them in (after all, no one wants to see you poking your eye in the middle of the restaurant!).

So it cleared up in the 5 days. No scary red eye. On the 6th day, I decided to see a film at the cinema with some friends. It was a 3D film. I hear my friends with spectacles groaning. Nothing worse than wearing double glasses for 3D films. So I was stubborn again. Let’s wear those darn lenses. I even forgot to clean the lenses the night before so yeah… hi, conjunctivitis again. I am the worst. It cleared up a lot quicker but I decided to make an appointment at the opticians and get some real lenses sorted. Their next available appointment was in… 3 weeks time. I’ve never known it to be so busy!

So anyway, 3 weeks passed, I had to have an eye test yesterday. My eye sight in my left eye got better! Back to -2.50 but the right eye remained the same as -2.75. I like symmetry. :< Anyways, so the optometrist told me that those Surevue lenses I was using were banned in the UK in the 80s! And that I should’ve been using some other solution to properly clean it. Uh… uh-oh. Anyway, they put some dye in my eyes to look at the scars in my eye from the conjunctivitis so I couldn’t test any lenses out that day. They told me to come back the next day. So that was today – I got to try out some lenses. I’m not sure which they are, but they felt alright, a little harder but that just means they won’t break so easily when I rub them! I returned 4 hours later for him to do more eye tests, then he gave me a week’s trial of those lenses plus some real lens solution.

Hopefully, I’ll be less silly in the future. I’ll let you know how that goes.

On a different note, hair – whenever I get my hair done at a salon, I’m always really silly when they ask me how much of my fringe I want cutting. I always know what length I want it cut and always fail to realise that it’ll be shorter when it’s dry. orz So anyways, there is that… and also, I dislike how they straight blow-dry my hair. .__. This goes for any place. When I get home, I tend to rinse my hair and then dry it myself haha! Then I feel a bit happier about my haircut. Besides the fringe I made them cut too short. But with my super growing hair gene, it’s alright within a week.


Geeky Weekend

So with the weekend that just passed by, it was a friend’s birthday so I was unsure of whether to go to the London Film and Comic Con (LFCC) or not. I thought it would be really boring and not much interesting at all. I’m not sure if I’ve been before, but if I have, it was once a couple of years ago. But I decided to go because I tend to go “might as well, might regret it if I don’t” a lot these days. Anyway, it was at the Olympia so it was a little confusing to get to from West Brompton station but got there in the end. £6 for the entrance fee which isn’t too bad. I was quite pleased that it was all so spread out and they used the space really well. The stalls was mostly sci-fi and comic-based, and they had a lot of actors in the autograph alley and actually, I did have fun! The venue was great, as I said, it was spacious and there was a much more relaxed atmosphere with the attendees and the dealers, and the ones that were sort of new to selling and having a stall were particularly enthusiastic. I didn’t buy much but there was a lot I would have liked, and kept onto to a few contact cards.

This made me giggle, hehe, they’re so fat suddenly!

Hare and Tortoise
11-13 The Brunswick

Shortly after LFCC closed, we went to the Hare and Tortoise. This is a bit of a tradition now and I’ve been here so often that I don’t really need to look at the menu now. The Hare & Tortoise does Japanese, Chinese and Thai food but it is mostly Japanese food. I decided to not go for overloading with starters and decided to go for 1 main and then share another main with Luke. So I had the unagi don (which is amazing) and shared the chicken katsu curry.

I think this is called tori-kara age, but they are chicken pieces basically. They looked nice!

Lots of chicken katsu curry!

Froggy face!

Aw, they were so happy with their presents!


I haven’t got much to say apart from the food is always great, it’s always amazing. I find that the chirashi don (which is a sushi mix of everything on top of a bed of rice) and the unagi don tend to be small and not filling enough on its own so I usually fill up on lots of starters (that end up costing more than the main). This whole 1 main and sharing another main works out much better though because I tend to not be able to choose between mains. It was super filling and I felt like I ate it so quickly. They had desserts but I didn’t really want any but tried a bit of everyone’s.

Raspberry thing with vanilla ice-cream around it

Strawberry ice-cream

Mango coconut thing!

Japanese ice-cream: sesame, green tea and chestnut I think?

Overall Score: 9/10 (needs more choices!)

Later on, we played Munchkin at Sai’s amazing huge London apartment. I’ve never played it before but it was such an easy role-playing game to get into. No paper and pen or anything like that.

This was my amazing gear in the first game!

It’s just about getting to level 10 and beating up monsters on the way, by yourself, with friends or sometimes, you team up with the monster to try and possibly kill off your friends! Sometimes you can lose lots of levels. You win when you get to level 10, and to get there, at level 9, you have to beat a monster, that’s all! But of course, your friends don’t want you to win so they throw a +10 buff for the monster or something. In one game, I was at level 9 four times and they kept stopping me 4 times! At the fourth time, I ended up losing and the penalty for losing against the monster was that if I rolled a 3 or less or something, the monsters would fight against me (I was unable to run away). I rolled a 2. Then the roll after would determine how many levels I’d go down by. Five. That was painful! Needless to say, I didn’t win.

GM Sai

This was the game where I lost at level 9 four times and Coji ended up winning against a Level 1 Plotted Plant because everyone had run out of buffs and curses! Slow and steady really does win the race.

I absolutely adore this game and want a copy of the deluxe board game myself. You can play Munchkin with just the cards but it’s a little harder to track your level and such. Plus the boardgame and counters just make it so much better!

One last mini restaurant review of somewhere more local.

Oriental Gourmet
98 High Street Town Centre

This place offers a Chinese buffet like no other. It’s a very nice restaurant, with a sort of classy feeling but their location is in the middle of a high street of a small town, in the suburbs of South London. So it ends up dealing like your average takeaway but in the restaurant, it’s pretty darn amazing. Without any doubt, I would say this is better than the Chinese food you get in Chinatown. Anyway, yes, the buffet is like no other. There aren’t any hot plates, you don’t serve yourself. You pick from the massive menu that has most dishes (over 100 choices to choose from still!) and they cook it freshly for you in the kitchen. It is absolutely amazing, and their cuts of meat is so much better too. Usually in buffets, they use cheap cuts of meat that aren’t great so I was really surprised. The price is £16.50 per person and they don’t force a service charge on you, and the drinks are at a reasonable price too. The people are polite too!

This is the sort of art on the wall, it was really pretty!

Starters we started a little on

Ate the mains and desserts too quickly to take pictures of! The main dishes thankfully aren’t too big (they charge you £3.50 if you waste too much) and you can order more whenever. The chicken curry was a little more spicier than other places. The crispy beef was really good. And you can’t really go wrong with chips and rice! For dessert, we had banana fritters, vanilla ice cream and lychees. The lychees were really tasty actually. They really did not cheapen out. I really want to come here again, and it’s unfortunate it’s a little out of the way for other friends to come down. I would urge those that live close to here to try out the restaurant and not just the takeaway.

Overall Score: 10/10 (9 feels too low for this place)

Jimmy’s Spices

Decided to go to the Jimmy Spices in Epsom as a last minute birthday thing! Was only told a few hours before so er, was rather spontaneous.

Jimmy’s Spices (Epsom)
1 Derby Square, Waterloo Road
Epsom, Surrey
KT19 8AG

Jimmy Spice’s is a buffet where you pay x amount and eat all you want. We went all the way to Epsom because it was a halal restaurant. The x amount depends from restaurant to restaurant, on the time and day you go. It was £7.99 for the afternoon buffet in Epsom, which is very cheap. The place was quite nice looking, a pretty big place and I think it had another floor although not too sure. The choice isn’t as much as somewhere like Cosmo (where the price is higher), and the food is only around a sort of rectangular block rather than in sections according to the country’s cuisine like in Cosmo. It consisted of Chinese, Indian, Italian, desserts, mainly… the cocktails were pretty reasonable however! About £2.50 whereas most places would be happy to charge £5.

I thought the tikka masala was very pretty! I loved it, and they used huge cuts of meat which was great.

You put what you want for your stir fry on your plate and the chef cooks it for you. Which sounds just great. Except it’s not so great. So I put the vegetables and noodles on my plate and told him which meat I wanted but he told me to put it on top of my stir fry which isn’t exactly safe. Anyway, the noodles were way too oily with way too much sauce in it, a bit overdone as well… Definitely wouldn’t want to come back for the Chinese food. I admit I’m picky with Chinese food but that really wasn’t great.

Desserts had a decent section though, there were some fruits and such, strange for watermelon to be missing the green part though (uh, not sure what to call that). There were different types of cheesecakes but instead of slices, they were cut into teeny tiny squares. I’d say the dimensions were 1cm x 1cm x 3cm. There was the ice-cream factory too with lots of choices like smarties (!) and sprinkles and cones and stuff but no one was there to serve it. Shame.

Anyway, since the price is pretty low, I’d come back again (maybe somewhere a little more local) for the curry and desserts. I’d probably try it in the evening since I’m sure more was meant to be available like the pastas and pizzas. I want to try more cocktails too!

Overall Score: 6/10

From Geek to Glamour

So I’ve signed up to this Glossybox thing. You pay £10 + p&p (so £12.95) once a month and get 5 random branded make-up items. Well, not just make-up, but skincare and haircare products too. They are mostly small test products to try but not all the time. I’m a little disappointed there is no other choice but to have it delivered by Hermes. I despise Hermes since they are usually from self-employed people who do not care about your package and the evidence was clear as they literally threw it over the fence into my back garden. I don’t think they have a proper depot to collect it from either.

At least it was safe

What it contained

Vichy’s Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick: well, this is the starter kit for it to find your colour mostly, which is so useful. You can waste so much money if you don’t know what number your skin shade is! The full foundation cream stick is £19.00.

BM Beauty’s Summer Warmth Bronzer: pure mineral bronzer. I haven’t found the magic of using bronzers really, I just think they make me look really bad and really really brown and fake.

Glossybox’s Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush: their own brand of… natural goat hair blush brush?! These are meant to be £15 RRP and I will admit I did have a look on eBay and these do certainly go over £10! Already worth your money.

HD Brows’s HD Brows Precision Tweezers: these actually feel really nice and rather luxurious. It has a nice sleek black finish. I don’t actually use tweezers though haha! These retail at £19.95 (again, over £10 on eBay).

Green People’s Sun Lotion SPF15 with Tan Accelerator: I don’t see much point in an SPF15 sun lotion for my skin so this was a bit of a downer. The full version retails at £12.99/100ml.

Altogether, it’s not bad really. I see this more as an investment because I was looking at eBay for glossyboxes and a few people have sold boxes with several products in them (about 10) and have sold them for a fair amount of money.

Anyway, aside from that nonsense, I recently purchased some prescription contact lenses. I got them from Lenstore as they were the cheapest. Before, I was just using brown circle lenses at 14mm as they weren’t too massive (until it gets to the evening, then they make me look high!) since they were actually cheaper than using clear prescription ones. Circle lenses are about, hmm, £15? Maybe £20. Oh, I should mention you can have prescription circle lenses. And they last you approximately 12 months. That’s recommended, anyway. And looking at clear ones, they are about, hmm, £5.15 per month but you must be on a running contract and the minimum you can purchase is 6 months for £30.90. These don’t come with lens solution either.

I got the Surevue ones from Lenstore as they are pretty well-known and are made by Johnsons & Johnsons. They include UV blocking as well. Anyway, these are monthly disposables which mean that you put one pair in solution everyday, wear them everyday and after a month, you throw them away and use a new pair. Lenstore allow you to buy them without any binding contract. However, it is about £21.94 for 3 months worth so it’s pretty okay to test them out before binding yourself to a proper contract. I ordered them on Monday afternoon (around 2pm), they were shipped the same day and to my surprise, they actually arrived on Tuesday morning.

I wore them today and they were a lot nicer than circle lenses. A lot lighter and need far less solution than circle lenses. These contact lenses make your eyes shimmer more though. My eyes got tired after 7 hours of use however so I have to get used to them. It’s a little more scary when you lose a lens in your eye rather than a circle lens because you know for sure if a circle lens is in your eye, plus you can see it as they are colourful. Clear lenses you can spot if you look really carefully if it’s folded up or something, and you can feel it but not quite as much. I’m unsure whether to give up glasses for good and which look I prefer (when I’m not wearing make-up anyway). Being glasses-less is more convenient when going out sometimes because if you’ve ever put on a pair of glasses and then a pair of 3D glasses on top, it is really irritating and it distracts you from the film. And makes you despise 3D films! I don’t think I’ve found a pair of glasses that really look great on me either. That said, I bought some bigger glasses on SelectSpecs. :X I just want to find the right look for my eyes!

Food and a Film

Frankie & Benny’s

I didn’t get any pictures because I didn’t think I’d be reviewing this place. I’ve been to this place a few times in different locations. I ordered a medium rump steak in the Birmingham one over a year ago and it firstly came back as well done so I sent it back. Then one half of it was medium and the other half was rare, and very bloody at that. They sent their apologies and I think I had to choose another dish but could have it for free. That put me off steak for a little bit. Which is a shame because I love steak. And after eating at Buenos Aires 2 weeks ago, I’ve had a nonstop craving for steak. So, we’re back at Frankie & Benny’s, the Croydon branch, and I ordered a medium rump steak. I cut into it and the first thing I notice is that it’s kind of tough to cut into and that it’s moving so much as I cut it. It’s really rubbery and tough. After this struggle to cut the meat, I start chewing it. And chewing it. And chewing it. After a couple of minutes, I just spit it out into my handkerchief. It is practically inedible. It tasted really tough and really chewy. I sent it back and just ordered the chicken carbonara since it would arrive quickly. It was strange they used actual spaghetti with the carbonara. The sauce was very thin as well. Didn’t taste great but at least it was edible.

Frankie & Benny’s used to, in my eyes, be a really great restaurant with good quality food. But I guess with the stress of trying to make everyone happy, they have to resort to having to freeze steaks and take shortcuts. It’s real disappointing. I won’t be back in a hurry. And probably never for a steak.

Overall Score: 4/10 (their desserts are super however!)

We went to see The Amazing Spiderman. 10 years after the first Spiderman movie, the 4th takes place at the beginning of his journey in discovering Spiderman and it’s a lot different from the first one. Different cast and different feel to it. All I can say is prepare to empty your bowels before the movie because it is a long ride and you do not want to miss a minute of it! It was rather long, I’m not sure if calling it ‘slow’ would be appropriate since it was really enjoyable. The 3D version was a nice extra, I suppose you feel like you’re missing out if you go to the 2D version of it at the cinema. I didn’t really notice the 3D  much mostly which must mean it was really smooth. Anyway, definitely go see it! And prepare for a few cheesy lines and cheap laughs!


Random meetup with some friends today, we ended up going to Wulumuchi since the decent Korean bbq places had all closed down (for good) in Chinatown. Wulumuchi is fairly new and has replaced the awful and overpriced Sushi Gaga place that didn’t go down too well. Probably was good for them that it didn’t really because if they had done well, they probably would have gotten sued by Lady Gaga anyway. Wulumuchi’s cuisine is Chinese but more specifically from Xinjiang. The food is a bit more rustic, more on-the-bone and stew-like. A bit more homely. So if you’re expecting all your food on a big plate, you’ll be a bit surprised.

The main meats on the menu are lamb and chicken. For a starter, Aimee had the lamb dumplings where there were quite a few decent-sized dumplings and seemed all good, really. Me and Luke shared the crispy aromatic lamb with pancakes. It was way more meatier and crispy than the duck version of it! Though I probably prefer the duck. We ate it too quickly to take pictures of it. I should stop doing that!

Tea! What a strange pot!

Um, I think the picture makes the cup and the tea look bigger than it actually is. They’re both really small. Even when we were done eating though, they still kept refilling my tea and tap water for the others which was real nice of them.

Main: Jasmine Rice and Lamb Hot Pot

I got the lamb hot pot and ordered a portion of jasmine rice too. The bowl was actually pretty big! The others had chicken or lamb curry with naan bread with jasmine rice on the side too. Anyway, the meat was pretty good actually! None of your cheap cuts. Lots of chilli peppers were left in and veg as well, very rustic. It was pretty good. There was a lot of meat too.

Complimentary watermelon

Quickly after we finished our mains (somewhat, anyway), they gave us watermelon slices which was surprising, this was completely new to me. Not really new to anything I would have at home, so I guess they want to really give that homely feeling. The atmosphere was nice and the interior design was really nice too, sort of Chinese homey! It’s very surprising this place used to be Sushi Gaga. The desserts did not seem too amazing here so we had cake at a pretentious café that I can’t remember the name of. The cake was nice but at a price tag of £5.50 + discretionary service charge of 12.5% for a slice of cake made me want to stick to Patisserie Valerie.

Selva cake

Overall Score: 8/10

Beforehand, we went to purikura which are like photo booths where you go and be silly with your partner or with your friends and when the pictures are done, you can draw and put stickers all over those pictures and then you print them out! It’s popular in Japan (and cheap!) whereas we pay for about £10 for a copy. But I don’t mind so much, it’s nice to have photos like that.

This made me laugh so much when it came up! It was my leg but in the photo, it looks like Luke is stroking Dan’s leg!

Hater pose! The pen Aimee was using was dodgy but I sort of like the wobbly feel!

Everyone looks pretty here! I’m on safari!

Oh noes! A wild sonic appeared!

My hair is finally at a length I like, eheh. Love this new hat though.

Cake is cute >w<

Need more Cake photos before I go!

Good night!

Backlog Part 2

The next day, me and Luke went to Bath! We stayed at the Hilton in the Junior Suite where there was your usual stuff you’d find in a Hilton but er, just bigger! It even had a name for the room. There was a mini fridge, free bottles of water, a bottle of wine, a fat candle, Hilton bathrobes and slippers. Ooh, and free chocolates. It was pretty nice! The bathtub is only big enough for one, unfortunately. Don’t look at me like that. We planned on the spa actually! We could only book treatments on the Sunday which we realised would be better because it let us roam free on the Monday (which was my birthday). So we had a couple massage. It was nice! I think. I fell asleep. x_x Before that, we went to Belushi’s, a rock-themed pub. It was pretty cool! We got burgers. We were really impressed by the interior.

On the Monday, we wandered around this delightful town. Lots and lots of little corners to turn into. We ended up eating at Jamie’s Italian. It was okay! I found it a little funny that the fish of the day was Ling though. x_x I thought I had misheard. Then I googled it. XD Image dump of the town!

These are all my presents too! The One Piece bag (which has the crew members names on the back) which is really awesome. It’s huge but can fit easily in any other bag, and it’s pretty strong. I like the engineering coaster too, I really do XD Then there’s the PL120 camera (which is awesome), 8gb RAM, Perona chibi-arts figure, Rilakkuma bag and a really awesome Rilakkuma camera bag which has a zip in the back to fit more stuff in it. Super shiny stuff. ^^ My sister also got me a purple Tweety t-shirt.

On the Tuesday, we headed off home. But before that, we had an hour to waste so we got to go to the markets and I wanted to buy something as a souvenir but there was nothing. That was a really cool tea stall in the markets though!

I really liked Bath. But I think the 3 days was enough! It’d be nice to live there. On the following Saturday was our actual anniversary date and we went to Buenos Aires which is a Argentinian steakhouse. Rather pricey but nice!

Free bread and weird oil!

Yummy 10oz fillet steak but wish I got 12oz!

Dessert wasn’t so great though. The next day were my friends, Simon and Rhi’s wedding. They had a subtle Japanese theme in the music, flowers and arrangements on the table which was really pretty. Here’s the table:

It was a nice wedding, and they were so nice in giving everyone a little something! It was lovely to see some people again.


Group shot

Oh god, also, I almost caught the bouquet. It literally passed my hand. If I was really bothered, I would have caught it. And then it fell to the ground behind me. I thought “I am not catching that”. Apparently my face was like Daria’s haha! The live band was great though, was such a shame we had to leave early.

Ahhhh that’s all for June!

Backlog Part 1

Where to begin…? I’ve been so busy for the last month or so, I have actually abandoned (but not forgotten) this blog. I found out I was going to Tanzania  next month with Engineering Without Borders for a hands on summer school, implementing more clean water systems for a small village there. Anyway, you can read more about it on my engineering blog, Undercover Engineer.

During the Expo weekend, I did not actually go to Expo. However, a friend of mine invited me to a surprise dinner party for his girlfriend to Mr. Wing’s. I’m not going to do any proper reviews because I really can’t remember what I had! It was a rather high-class Chinese restaurant and it was rather good. Pretty pricey, averaging at least £30 a head, I’d say maybe £40–£45 on average.

Siu Mai – well half of it!

The weekend after (the first weekend of June), I was invited suddenly to Luke’s aunt’s Jubilee bbq party! I had no idea it was a Jubilee party so I didn’t dress up especially but it was nice! It was on the Sunday so after the bbq (in the dreary weather), we watched the boats going around on tv… I fell asleep, haha, didn’t really interest me. Home made Eton mess was really nice though.

On Wednesday 6th June, I had finally finished my 2nd year of uni. We had a final presentation to do and oh boy, it was utter madness from the moment I stepped onto the campus. One of the group members said he’s gonna give me new slides for the presentation. This was half an hour until we began it! Fuming, I transferred them on. Then made sure we had copies of our platform design for the lecturers. And then it hit me. I forgot to print off the slide handouts for the lecturers. Doom. Utter. utter. doom. No. It doesn’t stop there. I attempt to print them off quickly, no matter how much it would cost me (in printing credits) and get to the printer. Not there yet. Go back to computer. Yep, definitely sent to print. See someone approaching the printer. “DON’T LOG ME OFF.” I yell with the biggest death stare I’ve ever given anyone. Too late. “O-oh, sorry” he stuttered. Doom. Massive sigh. I tell him he can go first since I was about to print off 30+ pages. Front and back. Then I watched him log onto the printer’s admin machine. Clicking on all 11 documents to print off. Why. Why today. I leaned on the wall. Massive sighs. Tapping my toes. Tapping my fingers. Ranting to my deputy leader for the presentation on Whatsapp. Absolute breaking point! He got here finally whilst steam was probably coming out from my ears, and all I could pretty much say was “Let’s go find another printer”.

You’d think this would be the end. No. Looked at the clock. 15 minutes. We can still do this. Second room, waited a while for the computer to load up, attempted printing again. Monitor to the printing admin machine was dead.   Tried dragging a different monitor to the machine. It wasn’t compatible (or something). Looked at the clock. 5 minutes. There is no time for negativity, we can still do this! Next room. Check to see if the monitor is working. It’s fine. Get to computer. Get to print. Go to printing admin machine. Accept print job. The end, right? … No paper. I run in my heels to the previous room to find paper. None. Run back. Then we find some A3 paper and cut it up. Put it in both drawers of the printer. IT STILL WOULDN’T PRINT. It’s 10:05. We’re 5 minutes late. With no slide handouts. But we know when to admit defeat.

Turns out no one had any slide handouts from any of the groups. Instead of grieving over that, I just sat back in my chair and… kinda laughed. What an adventure. Anyway, we watched as the other Mechanical group went first, they were so nervous that it was cute. Then it kinda hit me since there were only 5 of them. All of the groups started with about 9 members and mine was the only Mechanical group where no one fell out of uni and everyone was still there. So when all 9 of us got up, everyone were talking amongst themselves in utter surprise and my friend in the other Mech group went, “Ca Ling… how the hell did you manage 8 boys?!”. I still do not know. In the end, I think we all managed to get A’s and B’s overall in our group dissertation module. I’m really glad!

The second weekend of June, I was invited to a hen party! It was the first hen party I’ve ever been to and I sort of dressed up but not really, didn’t look much out of the ordinary really. Didn’t have many dresses at this point. x_x I know I should have. But anyway, it was an absolute blast! It was at Bistro Live and we paid our own way so it was about £37.50 or something for a 3 course meal, a goody bag and the live band. The set up was a bit like a school dinner hall with the stage on front since there were really long tables. It was a bundle of laughs, and I bought two photos from the night in frames which only cost £10 altogether. Anyway after the dinner, the live band started, only for like an hour and a half, doing cover songs so everyone was dancing, and then after they just had a dj until 1am playing cheesy and mainstream songs. It was genuinely fun, and gave me ideas of what I’d want in a hen party in the very very distant future. The best thing about the goody bag were probably the tiara and dick straws haha!

Isn’t a hen party without dick straws

Third week of June was a busy one. The Thursday was the Student Leadership Programme (SLP) and after, it was a person from the SLP’s birthday house party. She ordered everyone to buy a cake for her so she could cut 21 cakes at midnight. I thought it was pretty rude! But I complied, haha! No one else at SLP did it. Anyway, I came in 40 minutes late because I was shopping for make-up and the cake and didn’t realise the time. It was real embarrassing since I was walking down the corridor to the room and my heels were making so much noise that lots of people at the meeting turned around. Argh. Anyway, it didn’t matter. In the meeting, at the last minute, they want some extra speakers to make a speech because they didn’t have enough. So I said I’d do it. I wasn’t too sure why. I hadn’t gone to half of the meetings. So anyway, in the end, I did a speech on how I never would have met a lot of people from SLP like my friend, Jay, who is doing his masters in Engineering. He looked at me oddly when I mentioned him, and then went onto say how he pushed me into applying for the summer school in Tanzania, then explained about the course briefly and people clapped for me then. Then I said how leadership is about taking risks and going on adventures. Something along those lines. Apparently I made Jay cry a little and some of the tutors cry too. I was a little astounded!

One of the tutors came up to me to talk to me and she said how she liked listening to everyone but she always particularly liked listening to my speeches because they were so on point and they were so dynamic. I thought that was really awesome. That and my speeches have the ability to make people cry! So I went to the house party later, the music the dj was playing was really not for me. But for some reason, I had a good time. And another person from SLP quoted something from a speech I made in January haha! It must mean my speeches are somewhat memorable too. I’m not gonna lie, SLP was really boring. But it made me go from being a very doubtful person in me with a dream that I thought I wasn’t allowed to have to realising that I have as much right as any other person and that I can do it.


Me and Jay

On the Friday, I watched my two friends, Nessie and Nat, go on the show, Pointless! That’s all I can technically say about that… Hope to have a gathering to watch it on the tv when it eventually comes on! It was good fun watching it though.

On the Saturday, for my birthday, I went for some dim sum with some friends in New Cross. I can say without a doubt that was one of the best dim sum places I’ve ever been to! It’s pretty cheap/reasonably priced. It’s called Hong Kong City Restaurant. You can find their website here. It’s not in a great place but it’s worth it. I really want to go back! We ate so much (at least 15 dishes?) and the dim sum came to just about £10 a head. The atmosphere was nice too.

Some dim sum!

Afterwards we went to the O2 Harvester for some desserts but they were such a letdown and couldn’t supply half of the desserts on their menu. Very disappointing.

To be continued…